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  • admin : LABOR FEST 2022, Sept 5. Character to be determined.
  • admin : IRISH FEST 2022, Aug 20, 21. "Mamo Keera" Leprechaun stories and more!
  • admin : SUMMERFEST KIDS DAY Friday June 24, 2022. Pocket Lady
  • admin : WA/WM REC - "Comedy in Theatre" Mons:March 7,14,21,28;Apr 4,ll. 6 - 7pm. Ages 7 - 10
  • admin : AFTER ST PAT'S PARADE at Irish Cultural Heritage Cntr. 3/12/2022: Eileen O'Rourke, Leprechaun stories 3 - 3:45; 4:15 - 5:30
  • admin : ELM GROVE LIBRARY - Thurs,7/7. Mother Goose! 10:30
  • admin : WA/WM REC. - "Crazy Pool Noodle Fun" 2022 Mon,July 11,18; Wed,July 13,20. 6 - 10 yrs
  • admin : 4th July Parade, Greendale! Betsy Ross and the Flag!
  • admin : Downtown Buskerfest - Aug.7,8,2021. Next to Pfister Hotel 2 - 3:00. "Around the World with Pocket Lady tm"
  • admin : Irishfest - Aug.21,22 - Pocket Lady tm Irish stories! Time TBA.
  • admin : Summerfest Childrens' Day - Sept.4,2021 - Pocket Lady tm
  • admin : Laborfest - Pocket Lady tm - Sept.6,2021
  • admin : Catholic Educators' Convention,Wis.Center - - Oct.8,2021.
  • admin : These are some of my programs before the pandemic began!
  • admin : Brookfield Pub.Library, Bay View & Cudahy 4th July parades, After St.Pat's parade event, Ronald McDonald House, Mime - Crossroads Presb. Church, W.Allis Rec - drama classes, Arts@Large Grand Opening; Brown St. Academy residency, Summerfest, Laborfest, Divine Mercy School, Private party - Mrs.Santa. These are some of the pr

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As a CHILDREN'S "EDUTAINER"-one who connects Arts to Academic Learning Experiences- I want to inspire children to laugh, develop self-confidence, and think about their world through participation in spirited, hands-on workshops. As audience members they will learn the value of listening to and appreciating others.



Kathleen has worked with all ages, cultures and populations, including eight years as an Art Reach Artist in the Milwaukee area. She has also worked extensively with the Artists and Educators in the Schools through the Milwaukee Recreation School District. (Kathleen was in the Wisconsin Children's Performers Directory-- the resource for libraries around the state--for numerous years.)

Creativity, Humor, Education and Audience Interaction are integral components to not only Kathleen's character performances, but also in the classes and workshops in which she teaches.

Learning adventures come in all shapes and sizes. Kathleen offers a large assortment of programming which includes: Creative Drama and Mime Workshops/Classes, Plays, Creative Movement, Unique Character Performances, and Storytelling. Through these venues children are transported to imaginary and real-life situations which encourage their growing cognitive and physical abilities and of course--self-confidence!



CAUSES IMPORTANT TO KATHLEEN: Children; Health Issues; Art; Drama; Education; Nutrition

MUSINGS: "What we learn with pleasure we never forget." (Alfred Mercier)

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery." (Mark VanDoren)