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  • admin : Downtown Buskerfest - Aug.7,8,2021. Next to Pfister Hotel 2 - 3:00. "Around the World with Pocket Lady tm"
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  • admin : These are some of my programs before the pandemic began!
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Available for Children, Teachers, Parents, Grandparents

Many of the workshops, classes, performances and stories can be customized to meet your needs ie: classroom or school theme. All programs are entertaining and educational, whether acting in a medieval story or enjoying a performance of "Betsy Ross!"

OVER THE RAINBOW: is a rainbow of classes for the young ones with many exciting themes! Storytelling, Creative Drama, Music, Movement, Song , and Pantomime are all activities that bring enjoyment to and enhance a child's self-confidence and lively sense of creativity! Some themes are: Weather, Animals, Nursery Rhymes, Our World, Family Life, etc. I can personalize a program to fit your classroom theme. (4-6 yrs)

For more detailed educational information of this program contact us!

AROUND THE WORLD WITH CREATIVE DRAMA & MIME: This is a multi-cultural creative drama/movement workshop which includes music and dance from different countries! Mime is incorporated in order to explore a country's topography--such as mesas, mountains, etc.--which encourages an understanding of the country, the people and their way of life. (7-11 yrs) For more detailed educational information of this program contact us!

THE EARTH'S 7 CONTINENTS: Go on an African Safari! Explore the frigid Antarctic! Go on an Australian "walk-about"-plus 4 other Continent Adventures! Experience one or all as a series of workshops. (4-11 yrs)

WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES: Learn to act and develop self-confidence through theatre exercises in Characterizations, Movement, Pantomime, Role-Playing, and Improvisation! And as the title implies, we can all learn ways to develop Empathy for one another. Imagination through the Creative Drama experience lends itself to an exciting program! (7-11 yrs)

For more detailed educational information of this program contact us!

MIME WITH ME!: Have fun learning the basic techniques of The Art of Mime! Children develop spatial awareness, imagination, and self-confidence in working solo or with others and, of course, hone their sense of humor! They will learn some mime routines to take with them. (8-11 yrs)

For more detailed educational information of this program contact us!

WISE PEOPLE OF GOTHAM: Based on a traditional story, this Creative Drama session allows the children to step back in time and experience a slice of the Medieval Days. The villagers work together as a community to solve their dilemma of a cruel King's interference in their lives. (9-11 yrs)

For more detailed educational information of this program contact us!

LIFE IN�ANCIENT EGYPT: explores different facets of daily life through Creative Drama activities. Animals of the Nile River and the half human/half animal "Gods" of the ancients are acted out. "Building" pyramids with the use of levers, using mime to show what objects they might take with them in the "afterlife", and skits all make for an educational, imaginative, and fun workshop! (9-11/12 yrs)


A DANGEROUS MISSION!: A team of astronauts and scientists are headed to the space station "Discovery" to find the solution to a problem that has plagued man and womankind for centuries. Unfortunately they were sucked in by the infamous BLACK HOLE! There is only one way to return to Earth: Where do they go? What must they do? Help unravel the mystery through this inventive Creative Drama class through Acting and Craft Activities.  This is a 6 week class for ages 7-11yrs.








As an "Edu-tainer" for the schools, Kathleen has more in-depth information for her workshops and classes.

Many more classes are available!



Definition of CREATIVE DRAMA:

  1. Informal dramatization of a story using simple staging and few sets & costumes.
  2. Creation of an original story idea through drama and movement.

Attention Librarians!

One Mohr Production will be offering Character performances for the 2019 Summer Theme: "A Universe of Stories" as Pocket Lady tm Around the World.

Pocket Lady tm also presents "A History of Children's Literature"--educational and fun, especially in a Library! (Go to Characters/Pocket Lady #17.)

I use interesting and creative visuals, lots of humor, and audience participation for all my programs!

I am available year-round and offer a large variety of unique Characters.


And please consider my program for the 2020 library theme: "Fairy Tales, Mythology, & Fantasy!"

"Auntie Bluebell Flower Fairy" Presents: Fairy Tale Helpers--A Storytelling and Creative Drama presentation that comes alive when the children help tell the tales! I also have my own spin on some of the stories such as: Rapunzel joins the 7 Dwarfs singing group and they all encounter The 3 Pigs while becoming very hungry for bacon! And then there is a mixed-up fairy tale about the 3 Billy Goats Gruff and Cinderella. And of course there are stories of Mythology and pure Fantasy!