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  • admin : LABOR FEST 2022, Sept 5. Character to be determined.
  • admin : IRISH FEST 2022, Aug 20, 21. "Mamo Keera" Leprechaun stories and more!
  • admin : SUMMERFEST KIDS DAY Friday June 24, 2022. Pocket Lady
  • admin : WA/WM REC - "Comedy in Theatre" Mons:March 7,14,21,28;Apr 4,ll. 6 - 7pm. Ages 7 - 10
  • admin : AFTER ST PAT'S PARADE at Irish Cultural Heritage Cntr. 3/12/2022: Eileen O'Rourke, Leprechaun stories 3 - 3:45; 4:15 - 5:30
  • admin : ELM GROVE LIBRARY - Thurs,7/7. Mother Goose! 10:30
  • admin : WA/WM REC. - "Crazy Pool Noodle Fun" 2022 Mon,July 11,18; Wed,July 13,20. 6 - 10 yrs
  • admin : 4th July Parade, Greendale! Betsy Ross and the Flag!
  • admin : Downtown Buskerfest - Aug.7,8,2021. Next to Pfister Hotel 2 - 3:00. "Around the World with Pocket Lady tm"
  • admin : Irishfest - Aug.21,22 - Pocket Lady tm Irish stories! Time TBA.
  • admin : Summerfest Childrens' Day - Sept.4,2021 - Pocket Lady tm
  • admin : Laborfest - Pocket Lady tm - Sept.6,2021
  • admin : Catholic Educators' Convention,Wis.Center - - Oct.8,2021.
  • admin : These are some of my programs before the pandemic began!
  • admin : Brookfield Pub.Library, Bay View & Cudahy 4th July parades, After St.Pat's parade event, Ronald McDonald House, Mime - Crossroads Presb. Church, W.Allis Rec - drama classes, Arts@Large Grand Opening; Brown St. Academy residency, Summerfest, Laborfest, Divine Mercy School, Private party - Mrs.Santa. These are some of the pr

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SEPT: Labor Day, Natl. Grandparent's Day (Pocket Lady), Johnny Appleseed Day (Johnny Appleseed)

OCT: Natl. Apple Mo. (Johnny Appleseed), Halloween/Fall (Wanda the Wise "Sand"witch), World Food Day- (Pocket Lady, Mr.McGregor), Intergenerational Day (Pocket Lady)

NOV: American Education Week- (School Marm), Thanksgiving (Pocket Lady)

DEC: Boston Tea Party-12/16/1773 (Betsy Ross), Christmas/Holidays Around the World (Mrs.Santa, Pocket Lady)

JAN: First Winter Olympics (Pocket Lady Sports), "Winter Wonderland" (creative drama session on all things Winter!)

FEB: Black History Mo. (Pocket Lady), Children's Dental Health Mo. (Tooth Fairy), Responsible Pet Owner's Mo. (Barbara Woofhouse)

MAR: Dr. Seuss-March 2nd (Pocket Lady), St. Patrick's Day (Irish Leprechaun, Eileen O'Rourke), Women's History Mo. (Pocket Lady), Spring/Easter (Pocket Lady, Mother Goose)

APR: Earth Day (Pocket Lady), Week of the Young Child-April  (Mother Goose, Pocket Lady, etc.), Revolutionary War Begins-1775 (Betsy Ross), William Shakespeare's Birthday-26th/Poetry (Pocket Lady), Natl. Library Wk.-(Pocket Lady)

MAY: Mother Goose Day!-1st (Mother Goose), Natl. Children's Book Week-(Pocket Lady or...?), Mother's Day (Pocket Lady)

JUNE: Flag Day-14th (Betsy Ross, Pocket Lady), Natl. Insect Wk.- (Carla the Friendly Cockroach), Father's Day (Pocket Lady)

JULY: Independence Day/4th of July (Betsy Ross, Pocket Lady)

AUG: Hawaii State Day-1959 (Honey Loa-Hawaiian Dancer)